Women and Sport in Australia

Sport in Australia

Sports are the bread and butter of Aussie culture, women’s participation in sports has been increased due to facilities in sports. Sports have different benefits for the communities, it helps to nourish a healthy generation which is productive for the development of the country. Our muscles require work out to make them strong and healthy. Fatty women wouldn’t be able to fulfill the responsibilities of the modern-day world. Sports help to maintain a healthy body in women. 

Sports also assist the growth of different industries. Sportswear wholesale clothing has turned to be one of the fastest-growing industries in Australia.

In this article, we are going to discuss various Aussie women’s sports. 

Aussie women sports:

Women are getting equal opportunities in sports like their male counterparts. Different sports are becoming popular among women in Australia. These games include football, cricket, hockey, basketball, and athletics. These games were male-dominated sports in the past but due to extra facilities and TV coverage more and more women are coming into these sports. Women are now getting a handsome amount of money to play these sports, so more and more young girls are coming into these sports.

Women Cricket:

Cricket in Australia is one of the famous sports, women’s cricket is prospering as Australian women recently won the cricket world cup. Cricket has always been at the roots of Australian society. Women Big-Bash league presenting Australian women cricketers ample opportunity to play cricket. It is estimated around 1 girl out of 5 is playing cricket between the age of 6 to 13. This influx towards women’s cricket was due to local women cricketing clubs all around Australia and the best performance of the national women’s team in the world arena.

Women Hockey:

Australian women’s hockey team always remains one the best teams in the world. Like cricket, women’s hockey has deep roots in Aussie culture. In all states of Australia junior hockey for girls is a popular sport. There is no shortage of technical staff and coaches for girls in hockey. This is one of the reasons why hockey is becoming popular in the country. Incentives and the technical staff combining making the game popular in Australia.

Women Tennis: 

Australia has staged one of the four grand slam tournaments of tennis in Melbourne since 1905. Two of the most successful Australian Women Tennis players were Margaret Court and Evonne Goolagong Cawley. These Australian women had won 31 grand slam titles. Evonne Goolagong Cawley was the first aboriginal Australian player to win a grand slam title. You can find girls playing tennis in every suburb of Australia, and local girls’ tennis tournaments are helping and talented girls are encouraged to play the sports.     

Women Soccer:

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world and it is also gaining popularity in Aussie women. Australian women’s soccer team is number 7 in the world despite tough competition. Soccer in Australian women is also becoming popular but it requires more investment to strengthen the sport at the grass root level like in Women’s cricket.

Women Swimming:

Australia has a long coastline, and it is natural for Australian to swim on a hot sunny day. Parents usually want to ensure safety during swimming. So they turned towards swimming classes for their children in local clubs. Girls participate in swimming regularly as there is no gender discrimination in Australia. Australian women had won many Olympic gold medals in swimming. 

Participation of Aussie female in sports:

Statistics have shown that Aussie females actively participate in sports. AusPlay data revealed that around 52 % of Aussie women actively participate in sports. The percentage increases for the young girls as 68 % of the girls regularly participate in various sports.   

Benefits of sport for girls:  

There are several benefits of sports for Aussie  Women we are going to discuss them one by one:

Immunity level of women:

Sports have different benefits for women. Their physical ability and strength increase their immunity level also, so they can fight against various diseases. When you don’t exercise and just eat, work and sleep. Your body becomes like stagnant water, you can be affected by various diseases. Less physical activity means easy prey to many fatal diseases due to weakened immune systems. Sports indulge women in physical activity, so they become more resistant to diseases due to the induced immunity system. 

A cure to stress and mental health:

Women have more mental and stress issues as compared to men. Aussie women are getting more stressed than men. Sports are the best tool to keep away stress and anxiety. How you can nourish a healthy nation if you have mothers facing problems of stress and anxiety. Playing and making new friends keep you away from stress and anxiety and keep you mentally fit. 

Reduced risk of obesity:

Obesity in Australia is one of the major issues. It is estimated that 60 % of Australian women are obese. Obesity can induce various health-related problems. Sports reduce the chances of obesity in women and burn extra fats. Sport women normally have a sporty body and have the best amount of protein in their body, which enables them to enjoy a better life. 

Participation in events:

When women actively take part in sports, they become more vigilant and participatory. Sports induce a sense of problem-solving, which helps to nourish offspring. Sport women can be a better mother due to their active participation and healthy bodies. Women taking part in sports activities help them to  make new friends and you can see their activeness in every field of life. Such women are conscious of their health. This is good for their survival in a long and happy life.

Sports have transformed Aussie women’s attitude. Active participation of women in different sports helps to improve the overall health of the nation. If you want to grow in the modern world, you have to invest in the betterment of women. More women are attracted towards sports in Australia due to better TV coverage and attractive prize money and facilities for girls. 

                      “Healthy women can nourish a healthy nation”.


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