What Type of Training Programs Are Helpful for a Business?

Instructor-Led Training

Consider your newly joined employees like a sponge, fresh and ready to absorb all the information that your company can offer them. Hence having strong and effective training programs such as instructor-led or AR in Training etc., is a must if you want your good ROI on your new hires. Similarly, keeping the skills of your existing employees is essential as well.

But how do you go about implementing a training program in your workplace? What options do you have when it comes to training methods. In this article, we are going to explain three different types of training programs that you can implement and grow your business with.

Hands-On Training

Unlike other methods on the list, this kind of training is best when you want to put the employees right on the activity that they are being trained on. A lot of employees might prefer this kind of approach since they get to work on what they have learned without waiting for the training program to finish.

For businesses who would prefer to save time while training employees, this is the most efficient method they can implement. It also helps employees grasp the concept of training sessions much quicker since they get to see how it works with the hands-on approach. Employees will have a higher engagement rate with these training methods since long training sessions tend to get people bored.

This is also one of the best methods to ensure that you are retaining most of your employees since they will feel their career is moving forward as they start working on newly learned things.


For businesses who are looking for training methods that do not require an in-person trainer for employees, using an eLearning training program is the way to go. An eLearning program allows a business to train employees without the need to be physically present in the same room. 

This is helpful when a business has a lot of remote employees or employees that are living too far from the main office. Asking them to visit the office for traditional training will only increase the travel cost.

Additionally, employees will have the option to take sessions or classes at their preferred time instead of being forced to skip everything and train at a certain time. This offers better engagement possibilities, as well. 

Apart from that, employees have the ability to choose the course they would prefer instead of going through sessions about a topic they already have knowledge on. Each employee is different and will understand concepts the way they prefer, which means some might prefer video explanations; others might prefer ready articles or text-based solutions, or presentations. An eLearning training program offers this choice.

Instructor-Led Training

This is one of the most common types of training methods that businesses tend to use. This is also similar to what traditional methods of training were, where a professional trainer trained a room full of employees.

With the introduction of digitization, it is now possible to train employees similarly, but with the help of digital mediums instead of using a physical classroom. Employees will be able to access these training sessions from anywhere they like using their digital devices such as smartphone or laptops. 

usually includes one or more trainers for each session, and one of the benefits is being able to conduct a webinar for employees without being physically present in the same room. For businesses that have a massive workplace or have remote employees, this is one of the best ways to train employees.


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