The Best Tools to Design and Build your Website

Design and Build your Website

Want to design Gatsby WordPress themes an initial thing an entrepreneur would do is to go online and get a domain name that fits the new idea. The market trends have changed wherein the consumers have now been more dependent on web search from their mobile devices rather than going out for a market search before purchasing, they just grab their phones and get to google every query they have. Hence we can say that it is very important now for businesses to maintain an online presence. 

People would most probably find you through a search engine rather than your physical store if it does exist. But operating online is not just about making a social media page like that on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for your brand or using My Business by google. Stackground Building a modern website is the initial requirement. Several questions may arise on how to build and if it is that easy to build and maintain a website. Starting a website is extremely easy and convenient nowadays and anyone can build one with absolutely no coding expertise and experience. 

Step 1: –  Get a Domain Name

You must find and reserve a domain name for your business and website before someone else gets it. You can seek a perfect domain name from various websites like, mocha host, GoDaddy, and more. It’s your own choice and preference and also a price offer you get for a certain name.  

Step 2: – Finding a Host for your Domain

Although there are many website building platforms that also offer you hosting services and you just keep the hosting task aside after choosing a website building platform. But in most cases, it is one of the initial tasks and it is the priority. Your host is the home for your website where it lives and exists. The hosting service starts from almost 2 $ a month but the speed, data security, and maintenance are what you should be focusing on while choosing a host. Some of the options are Bluehost, Hostinger but modern technology-based websites that build using Jamstack technology use CDN like Netlify and Vercel where they provide hosting for free. 

Step 3: – Choose a Website Builder

The most important choice for building a website is how you wanna build it, your technology preference, your convenience, and your coding knowledge. If you are a technical person, you would say you are gonna do it yourself and in most cases, businessmen, don’t have time to spend on developing a website so they choose a no-code solution for themselves. Ideally, headless WordPress is also a no-code website builder, so are Wix, Webflow, Squarespace, and many others. 

They need an AI assistant to do the job, like that of using a visual editor with a drag and drop or click and edit option. You can start in a few minutes and build a fully functional website in less than 2 hours. Static website will be able to choose a template matching your needs and requirements and add features and sections until you are done. 

You can try Stackground for gatsby WordPress themes, the only platform providing you Jamstack websites built using Gatsby and headless WordPress. It is a no-code website builder with several Jamstack templates and builds on the most used content management system i.e. WordPress makes it very affordable and convenient.

Importance of headless WordPress

Content Management Services (CMS) like WordPress are used for Web Content Management and Enterprise Content Management have transformed the landscape of website development completely. With an automatic and robust dashboard, WordPress is the market leader. With an extensive community of designers and developers behind it are continually building new plugins to add more features and facilities. 

WordPress has become the standard solution for newcomers to design and develop their websites. To join hands with the modern Jamstack technology, WordPress came forward by being headless WordPress and connected with static site generators like Gatsby and Next. 

The most attractive thing about it is that it is completely free! 

Here are just a few features you get for the low price of zero dollars per month:

  • SEO ready with Analytics
  • Social media integration
  • Responsive web design

Add Visual Graphics

After operating and building a website you need the images, videos, and animations to add value to your website visibility. Visual graphics are of greater importance and you can do it easily by some platforms like; 

  1. Unsplash
  2. Freepik
  3. Pixabay
  4. Pexels


If you intend to take on well-established competitors within your industry and the product niche. Website designing you must add value to the business through a modern stack beautiful website built in a premium way. Headless WordPress is the modern back-end platform for Jamstack technology. Website involves choosing a platform, purchasing themes, buying visual graphics, upgrading your hosting, and playing more with the features. Check website Seo score to improve ranking of website.


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