A must-have guide for starting your on-demand home services business

-demand home services business

People are madding towards the usages of smartphones and crazy over the millions of mobile applications available in the Play Store. We must agree with the fact that smartphones and mobile applications are irresistible in today’s trend. As there are multiple benefits associated with the usage of mobile apps, it is a great idea to invest in mobile applications for businesses.

For newbie entrepreneurs, it is always tough to choose the right business, as they have to consider multiple factors like competition, reach among users, finance, etc. One of the undeniable facts is that no business is less competitive. I hope that you will also agree with that. So, all you can do is, select a business, research the competitors, and try to figure out what you want to distinguish in your business. On the whole, unique selling points are the key to success.

Why on-demand services business over other businesses?

You must be aware of the fact that people are becoming more dependent on on-demand apps. Until a few years ago, food delivery was the most popular on-demand service. But it is not the same in contemporary times. The number of on-demand services has rapidly multiplied, revolving around businesses like grocery, healthcare, handyman, babysitting, beauty, massage, etc. Also, the pandemic has added more fuel to these on-demand services as there is no other choice exists for users other than online ordering. 

How about exploring the on-demand handyman services business?

Other than food and grocery delivery services, there are many other on-demand services that long for the attention of business owners like you. One of the beneficial on-demand services for users will be home services. Yes! The on-demand home services app is inclusive of different services like carpentry, plumbing, electrical, pest control, painting, flooring, caretakers, etc. On the whole, through home services, you can cater to the daily needs of users. 

Stats behind the on-demand home services

  • The global market share of home services from 20119-2026 will record a growth rate of 18.91% each year.
  • Some of the most searched home services on the internet are the appliance repair, carpet cleaning, plumbing/electrical, pest control, locksmith, painting, etc.
  • Some of the most common searches include “HVAC repair, roofing companies near me, plumbers near me.”
  • As of the year 2019, Google recorded more than 350 searches for keywords like “local, near me.”
  • Another major data is that most of the users have reached out to the service providers after searching on the Internet.

I’m certain that all these statistics will push you to take up the on-demand home services app. With these stats, let us move on to the basic steps to be carried out before starting the business.

List of steps to start your on-demand handyman services business

  • Unearthing the users’ needs

The first step is to unearth the customers’ needs. You need to have strong data on the consumers’ preferences which is the foundation of your business. Identifying the consumers’ needs can be easily accomplished through online surveys. Through the surveys, you can find out the most-used home services, frequency, whether people are looking for immediate services or scheduling the services for later, etc., can be identified. 

  • Competitor research

After unearthing the users’ needs, you will have to bump into the competitor research. Analyze their business model, user base, prices, frequency of users availing the services, reviews, etc. After analyzing this information, you will get a clear picture that helps you in offering something unique. 

  • Business model

You have to employ a business model based on your budget. As far as the home services business is concerned, you have an aggregator model and individual model. If you are going to offer every home service by employing professionals, then it comes under the category of individual business model. Whereas you wish to provide a platform that connects different home service professionals/companies with the users, then it will fall under the category of aggregator model. Pick yours!

  • Finally, it’s about app development!

App development is the most important stage and needs all your attention. The advent of technology has made everything simple and it is the same with app development. Previously, the only option for app development is developing from scratch, which takes more time. But now, we have got the clone app development, which saves a lot of time and money as well.

Gojek clone will be the best for multiple services business, as the app is developed to handle a horde of services. Mainly, the clone apps are ready-made that will let you launch the app quickly.

How does the on-demand home services app work?

Step 1: The fundamental step is the registration of customers and service providers.

Step 2: In the second step, the customer will be requesting any type of home service. Here, either the customer can look for the available service providers and request them or let the app automatically map the request to the available service provider.

Step 3: The service provider who receives the request can either accept or reject the customer’s request. It’s about their flexibility. If rejected, then the app will again send the request to another available service provider.

Step 4: After the service provider accepts, the app will intimate the customer about the arrival time and fare.

Step 5: Once the service provider finishes the service requested, the customer will make the payment and give reviews. 

Add these features to your home services app

  • Push notifications – Notifies every information regarding the service request instantly to the customers. 
  • Real-time tracking – It helps the customers to keep a check on the location of the service provider.
  • Estimated arrival time – It is helpful for knowing the arrival time of the service provider.
  • Analytics – Highly beneficial in knowing the in-app preferences of the customers.
  • Admin dashboard – A central hub for monitoring the business and providing customer support.

Final thoughts

Having said about the demand for home services, you can invest in this business without any hesitation. Launch your home services app and reap the benefits effortlessly.


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