CCNA Certification-More than a piece of paper


The field of IT is broad and presents the aspirants with several professional avenues. Numerous certifications are available to IT aspirants based on the courses they choose to pursue. While not every certification is crucial, and several do not hold much value, some can help define one’s career. The Cisco Certified Network Associate or CCNA certification, however, fits into the latter category. If you plan to build a career as a networking professional, this is a certification that you would certainly want to obtain.

The authenticity of the CCNA Certification

Many certificates do not hold much value because they come from sources not recognized in terms of standards or reliability. A certificate from an unknown institution wouldn’t prove much regarding the skills of an individual. However, a Cisco certification holds significant value as Cisco Systems is one of the most trusted certificate vendors. Cisco Systems is currently a market leader in this area, and employers highly value their certificates. Some of the reasons why the Cisco CCNA certification proves to be valuable are:

  • The examination is quite complex, with a syllabus that proves challenging for many. One cannot possibly obtain this certification without dedicating all the effort. Thus, the certificate serves as evidence of the hardworking nature of a professional. 
  • The IT sector is evolving at a fast pace, with new tools and technologies emerging regularly. This certificate program has evolved to include the skills that are currently necessary for a professional to stay competitive. The certificate, therefore, testifies that the candidate possesses all the required skills in the relevant areas. 
  • It is not an examination that one can pass simply by memorizing different terms. Instead, you would have to gain a deep understanding of the networking procedures. In a CCNA course online, the candidates learn about switching and routing in a rather practical manner. Thus, the employers can stay assured that the certificate holder has obtained it by learning the skills instead of memorizing.

Often, employers do not consider certificates to be an accurate reflection of an individual’s expertise. However, such is not the case for CCNA certification. It bears testimony of a professional’s hard work, dedication, and practical skills.

How can a Cisco certification help you in your career?

The CCNA certification cost is certainly worth it, considering the plethora of skills it can infuse one’s career with. It can give a significant boost to networking professionals in terms of employability and status. Some of these advantages are:

  • Higher payroll: In IT, major certifications play a significant role in improving one’s income. A professional who has proven himself/herself to be more skilled than the rest would naturally earn more. Obtaining a Cisco CCNA certification can potentially double one’s salary. 
  • Respect: This certification is considered to be quite prestigious due to the skills that come with it. Earning the respect of the other staff members at the workplace can go a long way in helping you with your career. 
  • Employment: The certificate can help an individual gain recognition in this domain. It, in turn, would prove beneficial while seeking employment. As the certificate is valid for three years, one would get enough time to make the best use of and secure their dream job. 
  • Promotions: The job roles in networking depend significantly on the certifications that an individual possesses. As a CCNA certified expert, one can ascend through the job roles quickly through quick promotions. 
  • A starting step: Last but not least, undergoing the CCNA training course would make you eligible for more advanced courses. Several other certification courses from Cisco require the aspirants to have completed the CCNA course first.

The CCNA certification is much more than a paper and would be a valuable addition to the portfolio of a networking professional.

How to prepare for the CCNA examination?

As mentioned earlier, this is a challenging course that calls for hard work and commitment. You must obtain proper study materials, including the books published by Cisco. With the leading online institutions like Koenig charging reasonable CCNA course fees, it would be wise to get yourself enrolled for professional guidance. With adequate preparation, obtaining the certificate would be surprisingly easy.


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