All The Modern Bathroom Theme Trends!

In the world of interior design, decorating your home's bathroom has become fashionable and necessary. Tiles, sanitaryware, and lighting fixtures are only a few of the materials used to make the room look stunning.

In the world of interior design, decorating your home’s bathroom has become fashionable and necessary. Tiles, sanitaryware, and lighting fixtures are only a few of the materials used to make the room look stunning. Furthermore, you can experiment with the color scheme of your bathroom to make it stand out. Let us take a look at some bathroom decor and luxury sanitaryware in India. These ideas and sanitaryware are appropriate for modern Indian homes.

Fixtures Mounted on the Wall

If you want to build a contemporary bathroom, wall-mounted fixtures are the way to go. Since these fixtures do not touch the floor, your bathroom will appear cleaner and more organized. Nowadays, wall-mounted luxury sanitaryware in India has become a hot topic. Unlike a deck-mounted tap mounted on the sink’s countertop, a wall-mounted tap is on the wall. This sort of tap makes cleaning the area behind your sink much more accessible. Since dirt and calcium deposits appear to collect there, keeping the area spick-and-span is much easier when there is no hardware in the way.

A toilet fixed to a wall is referred to as a wall-mounted toilet. Since this toilet hangs from the wall rather than sitting on the floor, it takes up no floor space in your bathroom. These will give your bathroom a more open and airy appearance. Cleaning the area around a wall-mounted toilet is usually simpler because you don’t have to bend or contort your body. You can quickly mop the floor underneath a wall-mounted device without straining your back. Jaquar produces some of the best wall-mounted luxury sanitaryware in India. The company’s range of luxury sanitaryware includes:

Faucet Series

·         OPAL PRIME


·         LYRIC

·         D’ARC

·         KUBIX-F

Sanitary ware series

·         D’ARC

·         LYRIC

·         KUBIX

·         FLORENTINE

·         ARIA

Jet Spray Fixtures

A full-body jet spray fixture is another feature of luxury sanitaryware in India you can add to your bathroom to make it more attractive. These fixtures serve two purposes: they improve your bathing experience and enhance the appearance of your bathroom. Jet sprays are perfect for stimulating the skin, calming muscles after exercise, and treating cellulitis. When applied to the stomach, a cold jet bath helps to increases digestion. It can treat hyperesthesia of the skin, relieves pain in muscles and joints in chronic rheumatism.

It also enhances circulation and assimilation and thus aids in the treatment of anemia. It alleviates chronic indigestion, strengthens the nervous and muscular systems, and aids in the treatment of paralysis. Another company that produces beautiful luxury sanitaryware in India is Hindware. Hindware owns the luxury bath fittings brands AMORE, QUEO, and BENELAVE. They have the best range of jet spray fixtures that the market can offer. Hindware has three significant categories of luxury sanitaryware in India:

·         Hindware Collection (Italian)

·         Hindware Art Collection

·         Hindware

Glass Shower Enclosures

If you want to make your bathroom look sleeker, a glass shower cube is a good option. Depending on your preferences, the glass panels may be transparent or tinted. Shower enclosures have become an essential component of luxury sanitaryware in India. It not only serves the practical purpose of separating the wet and dry areas, but it also adds elegance and style to the bathroom. It elevates the bathroom’s aesthetic to new heights. Shower Enclosure keeps the bathroom dry, sanitary, and secure.

Shower enclosures keep the entire bathroom dry by restricting water to the wet room only, keeping it bacteria-free and hygienic. Shower Enclosures make a bathroom safer by reducing the risk of slipping. In today’s cities, space is at a premium, and a shower enclosure will help you save it. Kohler is a luxury imported bathroom fittings company. They are among the top producers of luxury sanitaryware in India. Kohler offers a variety of shower enclosures and panels with various door options.

Luxury Bathtubs

Bathtubs will help you identify your bathroom space while still allowing you to relax and unwind after a long day. Bathtubs made of lucite acrylic sheets give the perfect grip, strength, and style. Bathtubs can also be free-standing. Today’s bathtubs also have features that assist with overflow and drainage, ensuring that you have the best bathing experience possible. Bathtubs may be built-in, free-standing, and bathtub fillers are also available. With a variety of features, Parryware offers the best bathtubs in India. It is one of the best brands of luxury sanitaryware in India. Parryware bathtubs can help you update your bathroom and make it look better without taking up too much space.

Investing in a luxurious bathroom has the added benefit of increasing the value of your house. It will provide higher-quality goods and services to you. Although you can try to save money by buying and installing less expensive fixtures, these are usually made from inferior materials and do not match. As a result, you’re more likely to have fixtures break, need repairs, or even experience leaks. You can end up spending more money in the long run on repairs and replacements. As a result, luxury sanitaryware in India is gaining more preferences.


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